Loan Online 500 – 10,000 USD

Over the years, they have served over 300,000 customers. With Lender, you borrow money from other people, not from banks or big finance companies.

You can apply for a peer loan from USD 500 to USD 10,000. You can apply for a completely new loan or, if you wish, apply for a new loan again.

You can also easily combine loans, so you can apply for a loan to pay off small and higher-interest loans. This will help you avoid duplication of interest and expenses and reduce your monthly payments.

Lender information in brief:


  • Peer loan 500 – 10,000 euros
  • The service age limit is 21 years
  • The loan period is 3 to 60 months
  • Apply for a loan for any need
  • A peer-to-peer loan is also great for combining loans.
  • Ability to keep free of charge if needed
  • No collateral or guarantors are required from the applicant
  • Bid through us and see what you get – It’s free and doesn’t bind you to anything yet
  • Example loan: A $ 4,150 loan for 5 years costs $ 91.22 per month. The typical annual interest rate is 19.72%. The total amount to be paid over 5 years is USD 5,623.63, which includes interest payments of USD 1,018.83 (9% at fixed interest rate) and a management fee of USD 304.8. We will also charge you a USD 150 contract fee when you repay your loan.

Who is lender’s service intended for?


Lender’s service is a handy tool for people who need a small or medium loan and are not happy to get it from banks or finance companies.

Through their service, you can apply for a loan from other people who can afford to invest in a loan.

In order to qualify for a loan through Lender, you must have:

  • Age at least 21 years
  • Clear credit history, meaning no defaults
  • Regular income and sufficient solvency
  • Finnish citizenship
  • Finnish bank account
  • No history of gambling addiction

Keep in mind that when you bid for your loan, you will reach up to 30 lenders in total. This will improve your chances of getting a loan, and even if for some reason you would not get an offer from Lender, it is likely that another lender will be able to offer you a loan.

Please read the loan offerings carefully

Please read the loan offerings carefully

After you apply for a loan, you can get several loan offers from different lenders. Always be aware of the terms and conditions of the offers, the cost and interest rates of the loan and any other issues that may affect the loan applied for.

There are likely to be differences in pricing, terms and payment plans of the lenders, so it makes sense to be fully aware of the terms of the loan before signing the contract.

If you have a problem with your loan in the future or otherwise want to negotiate, we recommend that you contact the lender’s customer service department. It is the clearest thing to agree with them, no matter what.

It is never a idea to just pay your bills, as it only creates unnecessary costs and problems that are usually negotiable with your loan provider.

Borrow without collateral

Borrow without collateral

All lenders, including Lender, who compete through our service, grant loans without collateral and guarantees.

Whenever a loan is unsecured, it always guarantees a simpler loan application process and shorter processing times.

You can get a loan decision and offer very quickly, the loan providers do not have to review the eligibility of collateral or guarantors.

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