Fast online loan of 500-5000 USD

Together with 30 other lenders, FastGo can be easily tendered through our service. You do not have to waste time submitting many different applications, but it is enough to apply for one loan through our service.

We handle the bidding of your loan completely free of charge, and you will not be bound by any of the offers. Compare the loan offers you have received and choose the most suitable one for you.

FastGo key information:


  • The loan amounts are 500 – 5000 USD
  • The loan can be repaid in 2-10 years
  • The service age limit is 20 years
  • There are no opening fees or withdrawal costs in the loans
  • You do not need collateral or guarantors to get a loan
  • Compete for free with FastGo through our service
  • FastGo has been a reliable loan provider since 2006
  • You can apply for a loan for any purpose
  • Example loan: Loan amount 1000 $. Monthly installment: $ 54 (principal + interest + account management fee $ 2.90). Nominal interest rate: 19.95%. The annual percentage rate of charge is 29.07%. Total annual cost: 646 $. Loan period: 2 years. No other expenses.

Who can get a loan from FastGo?


You must meet at least the following requirements to qualify for a loan:

  • You are at least 20 years old
  • You have no payment default entries
  • You live permanently in Finland
  • You don’t already have too much debt
  • You have regular salary or pension income

FastGo always makes a final loan decision based on the information provided by the applicant.

It is always a good idea to compete for a loan through our service, as this will give you the best chance of getting a loan. Even if you did not get a loan from FastGo, there are 30 other options left.

So it makes more sense to let us handle your loan tendering than to waste your time and fill out many different applications for different services.

Applying for a loan at our service is completely free and does not bind you to a loan .

Repayment of the loan


Always make sure before you apply for a loan that you can afford to repay it on time.

You will always see the exact loan repayment plan on the loan offers you have received. Payment plans may differ slightly from one loan provider to another and it is therefore important to familiarize yourself with them.

By ensuring that you are able to pay your monthly installments on time before accepting the offer, you will avoid unnecessary additional costs.

However, should you encounter any difficulties in paying your loan, you should immediately contact the customer service of the service providing the loan. With them you will get the best deal on the loan related matters.

Invoices are never to be left unpaid, as they will incur additional costs due to payment reminders and possible recovery.

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